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Monthly Archives: January 2012

We have an old home. In 2008, with a 6 month on the prowl, we bravely embarked on an 8 month-long kitchen overhaul. It was painful. It was challenging. It was soooo worth it. Not only did we save gobs of money but we also got to do things the way we wanted to. One of the things we discovered in our old home renovation was that one of the kitchen walls… Read More

This little project inspired me to start saving our family money and, oh yes I will use the word, intentionally attempting to mend clothing that needs attention. My normal practice was to take it to this very lovely lady in town but I would pay a pretty penny for her alterations. Other than bridesmaid dress (dare I say I will be in a wedding again one day…it could happen I suppose!) alterations,… Read More

Lunch the other day boasted some fancy napkin folding and that was pretty much the only thing that made lunch chic, but I think the kids were wowed. Where did I learn to do these fancy napkin folds, you ask? Great question. Unknown to many of you is that I spent a summer in Blacksburg, Virginia (which is because I attended Virginia Tech). My friend Kelly M. (now Kelly E.) and I… Read More

Here is the post from the other day highlighting my husband’s awesomeness and how he was making me a cabinet/storage unit for my work printer. I said it then and let me say it again, HE IS SO WONDERFUL. Okay, here’s the post: Reclaimed Wood Project. This was an effort in creating intentional space for our dinning room as well as making it look nicer. Here’s the before…and then we clarify that this… Read More

It is not unusual for there to be dancing and silliness in our home. A new favorite song is Modest Mouse’s “Float On” , or as Lily calls it, “All Right. All Ready.” We pull the song/video up on You  Tube, play and let the fun begin. Below are a few recent shots of the Lily-meister cuttin’ a serious rug to the tune…and of course hamming it up in front of the camera… Read More

We’re making some eating habit changes in our home. One of the things I have added to our stash is fresh spinach. Leave it to Lily to eagerly take a few leaves and try them out raw. That’s my girl! I am going to be looking for creative ways to add this nutritional food to our menu. Send any ideas my way…would love your suggestions.

This afternoon I successfully dug out my grandmother’s sewing machine (a cool touch screen Singer from 1980-ish). I also successfully threaded both the spool and bobbin (correct terms?), and successfully played around with several different stitch patterns. Pretty cool this thing called sewing. I think I found a new hobby. Send me some of your home-made sewing projects. I need continued inspiration to greatness!!

I stumbled upon this photo from this past year and I just wanted to share it because it’s probably one of my favorite “moments” from 2011. As the story goes, the kids were up in Lily’s room (3rd floor) and I was in the room putting away clothes. I agreed to open the finger paints (all washable, mind you) and they were so cute with their dainty finger painting that I dashed… Read More

Partly because Lily was wired and partly because I was curious about my little idea, she and I embarked on an interesting adventure this afternoon. I got it in my brain that it would be a great idea to take some heart-shaped molds, melt our already broken (by Ben…sorry to throw him under the bus but facts are facts) crayons and make new crayons for Lily and Ben to give away as… Read More

My husband recently stumbled upon some wood not needed anymore at our church. Looks like at some point it was a functioning pew bench. Now, seeming to go to waste my thoughtful husband decided to snag and it create a table/storage unit for my GINORMOUS laserjet printer. I’m so proud of all his hard work and want to showcase it. It’s not done yet but I snapped a shot of his progress… Read More