Hosting: A lost art

I am finding that people are hosting parties less and less these days. Perhaps it’s my constant need for human interaction and being too much of a socialite (is that even a word?) but I really like it when I get to be with people at a gathering and catch up. Such was the situation today when my family and I traveled to a previous client’s home about an hour away for some good wine, food and time to catch up. When we were leaving they gave us this bottle of WONDERFUL Italian wine.

One of my 2012 goals is to be more intentional with hosting. I have all these lofty plans and I have promised myself not to be sad if I fail, but I really want to regularly gather people to our home for quality time. Scrapbooking and wine party. Clothing swap party. Birthdays. Perhaps even an 80’s party. I know that when I have been invited to events I am usually so excited to go and visit with people. Friends of ours had a Christmas Leftover Party where everyone brought their opened bottles of wine and half eaten casserole dishes and we just hang out. What a great idea!

So, if you like to host, do it. If you like to eat other peoples’ food, find a polite way to invite yourself over to someone’s house. It’s good to get together with people. In this crazy world of texting (and blogs…) it’s good to get vis-a-vis with each other.

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