Intentional Time

I cannot say enough about this e-book I purchased. A friend from college posted it on her Facebook page on Thanksgiving day and I snagged it after reading a little information about it. My daughter and I really enjoyed going through this together. Every day she would ask, “Mom, when can we do our craft?” I made a very conscious effort to carve time out with her to do the craft, but most importantly, to talk about the Christ who came as the best gift of all. I have been raving about this wonderful book to all who will listen. As we would look at our Christmas tree we would see the ornaments that we made and talk about what they meant.

Here’s a photo of the ornaments we made. You will probably notice that there are NOT 24 different ornaments here. Also, there are duplicates (which means those are days that 2 year-old brother Ben wanted to “help”). Looking forward to next year. Thinking I’m going to use more “sturdy” materials so they can hold up a bit better. Thinking of putting them aside for each of them to use on their Christmas trees when they are big. I know, I know…that’s crazy to think about, but gotta plan for stuff like that. They’re gonna grow up even though sometimes I just want them to stay little forever!

(Yes I took this photo on my dryer – they were already boxed up ready to be put away…very glamorous I know!)

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