Bathroom Vanity: Part 1

Glory Hallelujah! I am happy to report that the temperature yesterday and today was around 60 degrees and we were able to completely paint our soon-to-be bathroom vanity. Here are some of the photos that we took over the last few days of our little paint project.

We had a little helper ask to come out. We decided she could use her own small paint brush and paint the drawer top edges. She was so happy to help!

In an effort to intentionally spend less money and keep the true “look” of the antique-ish vanity I decided to see if I could spray paint the knobs/handles that came with the dresser. Buying new knobs is expensive and a can of spray paint seemed to be the way to go.

I was pretty disappointed that the “Silver” metallic paint I got at True Value did not do the trick. It looks shiny and cheap as you can see from the photos. I primed with Rust-Oleum Grey and then put on a light coat of the silver. Here are the results:

The below shot is even uglier in person. Ew. Something had to be done. So…

We took a family trip to Lowe’s tonight to get faucets and I decided to try out the Rust-Oleum “Nickel Matte” paint. With full disclosure to the Lowe’s guy on the aisle we tested it out on a cardboard box and I was sold. I was SURE it was going to work. And then I’d be wrong again.

My brain told me that in the past Tung Oil has worked well for some of our wood projects and so without any research I just decided I’d experiment in our kitchen a bit. Took some tung oil and a cotton rag and rubbed the pull down to see if I could get it to look a bit muted.

And behold, my new fab pull…

And here is a little photo of me looking all proud on this auspicious day. 🙂 Did I mention that the numbers 1894 are inscribed on the back  of the pull pictured above, which tricks me into thinking they are super old (probably not the case but still).

I almost forgot to show you the faucets we purchased too. I can’t wait to put them in…but we have a little ways to go before that can be accomplished.

Our tally of expenses so far:

  • Dresser: $45
  • Behr Pint of Black Paint: $16
  • Expensive Purdy Paintbrush: $18 (yikes)
  • 4 cans of spray paint (2 primer and 2 for the pulls – 1 being a mess up purchase): $17
  • 2 Peerless brushed nickel faucets: $60 each (total of $120)
  • TOTAL: $156

Thanks for taking a look at the rehab progress. We will post more soon!

3 Comments on “Bathroom Vanity: Part 1

  1. You forgot to add into the tab the special laundry soap you had to buy to remove black paint from toddlers clothes and the lollipops you had to buy to keep them busy while you finished the project. Oh, wait, I’m confusing you with me. 🙂 Nice job.


    • Yes Darla, you are right, I did forget to mention that. 🙂 Ben played a vital role in the renovations…he’s going through a growth spurt so he’s doing a ton of eating and taking really long power naps! Napping is the key for us. Lily is so particular and a bit OCD that there’s no way she got paint on her, her fingers or her shirt. Chip off the old block that girl!


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