Green Smoothies: They’re Back!

Years ago we visited friends who made these delicious, albeit strange looking, smoothie shakes. After having one for breakfast (and that was the only thing we had, mind you) we were hooked. Our friends informed us that they do a lot of raw cooking (which we do not) and that the health benefits of consuming uncooked fruits and vegetables is tremendous. We left our weekend with them with the recipe and inspiration to try it for ourselves. Needless to say we did, but that it only lasted a few months and then, at best, only sporadically would we make them.

I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of girl, but I feel like the new year has spurred me on to turn over a new leaf and I’m going to go with it.

Today I pulled out some bananas from the freezer (which is why they are black in the photo; do not fear, they were perfectly ripe when they were frozen), washed some fresh spinach, and dug out our raw honey from the cabinet. Towards the end I decided to add some fresh raspberries just for another taste. Banana can be very overwhelming.

So, without further ado, here are the photos:

Using the Hamilton Beach “Wave” blender below. We upgraded years ago from one made in 1970. Here are the ingredients: Raw Honey, 3 Bananas pulled from freezer, and more than enough raw spinach

And here we are with just the semi-frozen banana added to the blender

Here’s what the raw honey looks like in the jar. Feel free to read about raw honey here and all the benefits (there are lots!)

Here’s how much I used in this batch; just a teaspoon full; love how paste-y it is…and I think the dark specs are parts of the honeycomb

Added about 10 leaves of spinach

Decided that the bananas were perhaps a little less frozen based on the consistency so I added some ice cubes

Voila, your mean, green, illness fightin’ machine!

Good, but not great so I added some raspberries

Finished product was yummy and very filling…and yes, very ugly (and I apologize because I had already had some when I took this photo and the fruit film is stuck to the glass…not the prettiest!)

Back in my “Corporate America” days I would bring some with me to work. The color grossed most people out but then some brave souls tried it and realized that you just have to close your eyes and drink it because while it’s pretty ugly, it is VERY good for you and very tasty!

When fresh fruit is ripe and not as expensive as it is now we like to add blueberries (which adds some serious ugliness), strawberries, kiwi and peaches. I’m sure many different combinations would work with a little experimentation. Note that we do not add any juice and the only water we’d add is in the form of ice to thicken.

Don’t forget (like I did) to soak the blender and cup or glass immediately after consumption, otherwise you have a sticky mess on your hands to clean up.


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