Reclaimed Wood Project

My husband recently stumbled upon some wood not needed anymore at our church. Looks like at some point it was a functioning pew bench. Now, seeming to go to waste my thoughtful husband decided to snag and it create a table/storage unit for my GINORMOUS laserjet printer.

I’m so proud of all his hard work and want to showcase it. It’s not done yet but I snapped a shot of his progress so far and I am so impressed.

Anyone have suggestions on the finish we should put on it? While it’s my “gift” I’m allowed to provide insight and opinions (as if my husband can actually stop me from having opinions about stuff!!) on how the rest of it looks. We’re a team, after all. Was originally thinking of painting it but now I’m feeling like perhaps sanding and doing a bit of oil and paste wax. Feeling kind of ambitious.

Taking input if you have any. Leave a comment!

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