Update on the Reclaimed Wood Project

Here is the post from the other day highlighting my husband’s awesomeness and how he was making me a cabinet/storage unit for my work printer. I said it then and let me say it again, HE IS SO WONDERFUL. Okay, here’s the post: Reclaimed Wood Project.

This was an effort in creating intentional space for our dinning room as well as making it look nicer. Here’s the before…and then we clarify that this “before” is before a lot. Before we painted the room blue and the trim white. Before we got rid of this desk and got the secretary desk. Before we installed the curtains. Before we installed the mantle. Whew…

And here we are below with the very large and obnoxious printer off in the far right corner of the photo. Taking up a lot of room as it usually does.

Now, without further ado, the almost finished (just like nearly every project in our house actually; at least we’re consistent!) cabinet.

Here’s a shot of the table that used to hold the printer, now to the right of the secretary and under the window. Not entirely sure if it will stay there or not but for now it works.

And here it is in it’s place, doing its job…What a difference as I look back at the before photos of what it used to look like. I heart my husband. He took wasted wood at our church, came up with an idea, executed the idea and did a wonderful job (and fast too…just got the wood in mid-December!).

And now my dining room (that moonlights as a home office) can look elegant again…or at least for a few days anyway!

Oh and I almost forgot…while we were rearranging I decided to do something cool and new with the mantle. Here’s the before…


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