“Fine Dining” with the kids

Lunch the other day boasted some fancy napkin folding and that was pretty much the only thing that made lunch chic, but I think the kids were wowed. Where did I learn to do these fancy napkin folds, you ask? Great question. Unknown to many of you is that I spent a summer in Blacksburg, Virginia (which is because I attended Virginia Tech). My friend Kelly M. (now Kelly E.) and I decided to stick around and continue leading Young Life at Auburn High School for a summer and to pay the bills I was lucky enough to land a job at Mountain Lake Resort. It was a pretty 30 minute drive into the mountains of the neighboring county – gave me time to listen to my favorite CD at the time, the soundtrack for Notting Hill (I even recorded “Ain’t No Sunshine” on my answering machine instead of my voice, so you would hear “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…only darkness every day…ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…and she’s always gone too long, anytime she goes away.” Beep.). I’m sure I’m the only person who thought it was funny, but it’s my memory and I love it!

So, in case you are not aware, and most of you are not, Mountain Lake is where parts of the movie Dirty Dancing were filmed. Read more here. Any of the film footage in the dining room or near the lake was filmed at Mountain Lake (in the movie it was called Kellerman’s Resort). I was lucky enough to work in the dining room as a server. It was my first time serving food in an atmosphere like that and I did “okay”, though I will never forget spilling syrup all over a lady at breakfast one day. Horrifying experience! Not only did I make really good tips but I picked up a few fun tricks. Using a coffee filter dipped in hot water will shine up and remove spots from almost any silverware. Also, I learned at least two cool napkin folds.

So, the other day I wanted to fancy up our lunch affair and decided to fold the napkins for the kids in a cool way. Hotdogs and clementines never seemed so upscale! Notice that I didn’t even go the extra length of using cloth napkins – these are just cheapo paper napkins! The kids didn’t care. Nor did they waste anytime sparing them as they were quickly smeared with ketchup and orange juices. Ahh, the life I live…

2 Comments on ““Fine Dining” with the kids

  1. The one on the right looks very familiar. I learned at a work crew experience at Lake Champion. Fortunately I never had to carry any food, or your syrup-spilling experience would be mild. I love how excited the kids got at something that seems so simple to us as adults – and it shows how we take these simple things for granted.


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