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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Today a friend invited me and the kids to the local zoo. Not the big city zoo. Something low-key and cheap. Something perfect for my 2 and 4 year olds on their day home with me. Something 20 minutes away. Perfect. I was meeting with my friends and their kids. It was going to be magical. The kids were going to be social. They would be giving hugs by the end of… Read More

It’s Valentine’s Day and I have spent most of the day working and running to and fro. One of my trips was to our local YMCA for my 4 yr old’s gymnastics class. When we were though with class my daughter asked if she could go to the child watch room with her almost 3 yr old brother. I said sure and had every intention of hanging out while they played for… Read More

Since my hubby is a Giants fan this is a commercial break from my regular blogging to say “Go Giants!” We spent the evening with family eating and pacing the floors in suspense of the final few seconds of the game. Pictured here is Lily and her cousin Jack adorned in Giants jerseys. They spent the evening wrestling and eating chips – along with Ben, our crazy 3 yr old. Our Giants… Read More

This is one of those situations where I followed my own advice and acquired with intention (rare these days…you’ll see soon enough what I mean by that – I dumpster dove some chairs and now I have to give them away – yes, I’m retarded!). Anyhoo, here we have a Freecycled (you don’t know about this? Oh man, check it out here!) child’s school desk. Funny enough it was my old next… Read More

Today was a fun day. It was about 65 degrees (and let me remind everyone that the date is indeed February 1st) and I just HAD to take advantage of the warm weather. So, once everyone was nestled in their bed I headed outside to finish the hardware spray paint job for the soon-to-be bathroom vanity. ¬†And yes, this renovation is taking a while. In the spirit of being intentional about our… Read More