From {blah} to {beautiful}

This is one of those situations where I followed my own advice and acquired with intention (rare these days…you’ll see soon enough what I mean by that – I dumpster dove some chairs and now I have to give them away – yes, I’m retarded!).

Anyhoo, here we have a Freecycled (you don’t know about this? Oh man, check it out here!) child’s school desk. Funny enough it was my old next door neighbor from my hubby and my apartment living days in 2002-2003, just a few blocks away). I snagged this desk from her and started priming and spray painting it months ago. I knew with the adjustable legs this would be a perfect desk for my Ben’s room.

And with this unseasonably warm weather we’re having I was finally able to give it one more coat of spray paint (Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Paprika; Looked a bunch of places for an off red color and Home Depot was the only place I finally found the selection I needed, FYI) and then small coat of the Rust-Oleum sealant coat, the “Matte” finish.


This is my mom’s child’s chair from growing up. Decided to paint this to match for a complete set!

I think this will be a perfect birthday for my soon-to-be three-year-old Ben in March. So excited to put it in the room that I am pretty sure it’s going in there early.

Total cost for this project:
$.25 for the gas to drive over to get it (okay a total guess…)
$10.00 for the spray paint and sealant
$10.25 (yah!)

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