Creating memories

A few weekends ago my kids and I decided to make a trip back home – my hometown – to say my goodbyes to the home I grew up in. It has been sold and alas there will be no more memories made there. At first I was super excited about the fact that it sold. And then when I thought about it, I realized that the home I created so many memories in was about to be the home to another family. And it made me a little sad.

It was time to say goodbye to the house and take my kids back for one last tour of my old stomping grounds, specifically the creek in the backyard. When I say I have memories, I have tons of memories because I, of all people, was a serious tomboy. Eating honeysuckles, creating ramps and paths through the wooded area in the back. Swinging on the swing set. Creating rafts out of sticks for Barbie and her friends to go down the creek in. Crawfish. Minnows. Salamanders. Worms. All sorts of good things happened back there. One time, I even “ran away” when I was mad at my mom.

We didn’t come across any crawfish or minnows, but we did see our own bit of nature and I let them loose in the creek. Lucky for us the mid-April weather was warm – mid 80’s – and they were able to get wet and enjoy the sunshine and had a blast.

Here are a few of my faves…

It was such a nice trip to see my friends and family, let my kids experience some of the fun I had growing up and get to breathe a little of the warm air. Lily and I even got to lay outside on the shaded grass and look up at the trees blowing in the breeze and marvel at all that God had made.

This was a last-minute, but intentional trip with the kids. I wanted them to see a bit of what my childhood was like. Sure, a 3 and almost 5-year-old will most likely not recall the details but they might. I wanted to instill in them a desire to be in creation. To step away from the busy and bustling life we live. To be with people who matter. To enjoy this life we’ve been given.

Now that we’re back my challenge to myself is to create those memories here where we live. To make and look for opportunities to be with them. To nurture them. To love them. And to show them how much their Creator loves them that he gave them this beautiful earth to enjoy.

These are memories worth enjoying!



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