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Monthly Archives: May 2012

It’s like looking in a mirror. That girl of mine, she’s something else. One day this spring we were outside and Lily was making pretty sidewalk chalk designs and I was happily taking photos of them. Then the girl gets this notion that she wanted to try out my camera. A wee bit trepedacious about that am I…this is my baby. A camera we saved up for. A camera that if broken… Read More

Our Fairy Garden...Oh, you've never  heard of that?

So, I’m the sucker who goes to the local garden place with my soon-to-be 5-year-old and gets suckered into gift section. She finds these cool miniature trinkets and then I take a look. I look further and see that it’s this whole magical world of miniature chairs, tables, homes, fairies, animals. It was pretty cool.

So we bought our flowers (some annual and some perennials) since that’s what we came for and then since my Lily was so eager to help me plant them over the next several days, it occurred to me that she might want her own special garden.

Birthday #5 is coming up in a month so I thought maybe she’d like her own pot and garden that she could play with.

We started with a kit that came in a box. Included was the arbor, chair, gnome, birdhouse, shovel, wheelbarrow and gate. Then we purchased the fairy, watering can and stepping stones separate. Then the two plants were about $4.00/piece and I can only remember the name of the moss plant – Irish Moss.

I am not sure if anyone wants to know how this was accomplished – oh, you do? oh okay, well then I will tell you…it’s quite simply actually.

We filled the pot with soil almost to the top. We added the two plants first, next we buried the “pond”. I didn’t feel like spending more money on a store-bought one so I convinced Lily that she wanted to eat those oranges in the pantry because I secretly had plans for the container to be transformed – magically, of course – into a small pond. We added the other accessories, some sand from a Florida beach that grandma brought back as well as some Spanish moss, and then lastly the gate and VOILA, the garden was complete.

Not only was it easy but it was kind of fun to make it.

Now that we have our own garden I’m discovering all these cool websites (including Pinterest) where people have devoted much time and energy to these rather creative and fun gardens.

I’m pretty sure I need to learn how to transform sticks and bark into cool fairy garden furniture to save some money as well as up the cool factor.

Enjoy our garden. Have you created anything fun outside that was a bit different than your average “garden” space?

This morning my family and I headed down to our local Farmers Market for a peek at what was there. It’s always fun to get out for a walk (we are about 8 blocks away) and see some familiar faces and vendors. Of particular interest was these natural fruit pops and Jack’s Farm. As we were leaving I saw a blueberry bush pot. It’s no secret that our family LOVES blueberries so… Read More