Glorious gardening


This morning my family and I headed down to our local Farmers Market for a peek at what was there. It’s always fun to get out for a walk (we are about 8 blocks away) and see some familiar faces and vendors. Of particular interest was these natural fruit pops and Jack’s Farm. As we were leaving I saw a blueberry bush pot. It’s no secret that our family LOVES blueberries so we decided to take a stab at it. We handed over $25 (is that pricey or cheap?) for a bush that already has some blueberries ripening. Jack (the owner/farmer) was über helpful as we peppered him with questions on how NOT to kill this very awesome plant. He tells us they like acidic soil. Despite my friends’ notions that I’m an expert gardener I had to ask Jack how to make the soil acidic. His reply blew me away. Borax. Also amazing is that I own a good amount of this product so that we can start making our own laundry detergent.

I hope to have fruit (ha, pun intended) from my labor soon AND save some money on store-bought blueberries.

Here’s hoping!

Anyone else growing things in your yard or home to save money or be more healthy?

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