It’s like looking in a mirror. That girl of mine, she’s something else.

One day this spring we were outside and Lily was making pretty sidewalk chalk designs and I was happily taking photos of them.

Then the girl gets this notion that she wanted to try out my camera. A wee bit trepedacious about that am I…this is my baby. A camera we saved up for. A camera that if broken would be quite expensive to replace. But, I also want her to learn how to do things young. Get a creative eye for things, you know!

So I strap the thing around her neck and let her play around with the zoom lens.

And believe it or not, she actually did a pretty good job under my tutelage. I was very surprised.

And then there’s the guitar…

She really likes “playing” the guitar. She likes doing adult things, that little stinker (something I call her often and I hope to goodness she doesn’t take it literally when she gets older and have memories that her parents thought she stunk! You know how those childhood memories can play games on you and all…).

So we have this little rising kindergardener who has adult hobbies.

We also got her a child-sized guitar to start practicing on her own. Clearly you can see from the photo that this one is WAY too big for her.

Thinking perhaps we’ll get a little jam session going on Sunday nights. Maybe learn some cool hymns together and have a family sing-a-long. Maybe read a little Chronicles of Narnia too. Perhaps the harmonica’s will make their way out of their cases. And maybe Lily or I will take some super awesome photos of the event.

You never know what could happen around these parts…we like to keep it real.

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