Our summer is shaping up


Wondering why I’ve been MIA? My family and I have been busy doing some fun things together. Inspired by Pinterest I made this board of things we’ve done so far. These were all things I had on hand: foam board, cardstock, push pins, hemp, decorative clips and markers.

Next on the agenda is to make a list of things we want to do.

This was intentional. I wanted something visible. Something that reminded me of all the fun things we did – some of it free (we own our kayaks and the expensive racks on our cars so they cost some money years ago but we reap the benefits over and over now).

I don’t want the summer to pass by and wonder what we did scrambling to recall everything.

And the list of possible things will help us plan our empty days a bit more.

And you better believe you won’t see anything About watching tv because that’s also on my list to significantly reduce. 🙂

Happy summer. I’ll be posting some of my other projects soon…

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