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Monthly Archives: August 2012

One of Lily’s birthday gifts was a butterfly habitat along with a coupon for caterpillars. We sent off for the over a month ago and received them last Thursday. They’ve been eating nonstop and it’s been fun watching them triple in size. Now they’ve gone into their “j” hook position to morph into butterflies. It’s been neat seeing the kids react to how they have changed. We look at them and talk… Read More

I was really hoping to avoid seeing our McDonald’s colored flange again. But then there was that darker grout that seemed to be screaming at us, ” Hello, a little wet down here!” Sure enough the flange was leaking. And boy do we see why. Guess that cool product isn’t so cool after all. ( Actually my hubby confessed he didn’t have a good place to secure it to the floor in… Read More

I now know why some toilet seats are more expensive than others. There is a difference in quality. Today I purchased a $25 toilet seat that’s a little fancier and sturdier than the previous one. I’m super excited about it. I’m also excited that I installed myself. Check it out…peeing in style over here! Out with the old…

Baltimore Aquarium 8-8-12 2012-08-08 071

My hubby decided to place the vanity in the bathroom to measure for the cuts needed to fit it around the pipes (easier said than done). But as soon as we put it in the bathroom I fell in love. I LOVE the color contrast and it was definitely the motivation to keep truckin. Hubby’s next agenda is the cuts to get it installed around the pipes (mixture of lead and PVC)…. Read More

So I was thinking I’d throw out these two color options to see what people think. The black background is one of the door to our soon-to-be vanity. The tile is the flooring we installed last weekend (when I say “we” let me be clear that I mean “hubby”; I was at a MOPS retreat all day). So given these two colors, which one works best? Morning Jog is the blue and… Read More

So we ran into a little problem. And by little I mean kind of big. The bathroom floors look great but without a toilet it’s not really helpful. The problem: the flange is well below the tile floor. Our regular plumber told us we are in “jerry rig” world and apart from a whole new pipe line he wouldn’t touch it. He said to try the jumbo wax ring. Didn’t work. Lead… Read More