Wall color


So I was thinking I’d throw out these two color options to see what people think.

The black background is one of the door to our soon-to-be vanity. The tile is the flooring we installed last weekend (when I say “we” let me be clear that I mean “hubby”; I was at a MOPS retreat all day).

So given these two colors, which one works best? Morning Jog is the blue and Gelato In The Park is the yellow.

Help us choose. Leave a comment…

And then here’s the mess of colors we started with…


2 Comments on “Wall color

  1. Based on the pictures (where lighting can be deceiving), definitely the yellow. It goes better with the tile, and gives you more flexibility with accessorizing. Blue is my favorite color, but you’ll need a blue with a warmer undertone to match better with this particular tile.


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