Dolphins Rock My Face Off



We decided to join the Baltimore Aquarium. We’re only a few hours away and it’s a year-round adventure to enjoy with the kids. 

This past week we took our 2nd trip there since becoming members. So, yeah, Ben doesn’t look enthused but don’t let that pouty look fool you; he was very happy about what had just happened. And so now let’s look at Miss Lily. Can’t you see what just happened? Don’t you know about the best show on earth? Duh…the dolphin show. Hello? It’s like the best thing EVER. And not only is seeing dolphins amazing. As if that wasn’t enough….We got SPLASHED by dolphins. Yep. So amazing. I think we might never wash our skin again it was so amazing. 

We’re making progress though. This time there were no tears when we had to leave our precious friends Nani, Spirit and the rest of the dolphin gang. 

Sure, I should have been home finishing up my drywall project on our bathroom, but the kids really don’t seem to mind brushing their teeth in the bathtub (secretly I think they love it) so we’re in no hurry (okay that’s a lie) to get this project done. 

But for now, you just need to know how much dolphins totally and utterly rock our faces off. 





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