Well hello there flange…fancy seeing you again


I was really hoping to avoid seeing our McDonald’s colored flange again. But then there was that darker grout that seemed to be screaming at us, ” Hello, a little wet down here!” Sure enough the flange was leaking.

And boy do we see why. Guess that cool product isn’t so cool after all. ( Actually my hubby confessed he didn’t have a good place to secure it to the floor in 2 of the 6 spots so we wung – sp? – it). Clearly the yellow flange is bowed and warped.

On to miracle product #2 from Home Depot. Much thicker product and much more likely to be gracious to our inability to secure it in 6 places.

Meanwhile the rest of the project is on hold due to other setbacks. The granite place we were going to use requoted me $300 more expensive so it’s back to the drawing board with that. Connected to that is the fact that we need to know the undernount sink dimensions for the vanity install planning. Sinks will be coming with the countertop package. Then of course we need to decide paint but realize lighting affects that so we are waiting on it a bit. We did decide to go with brushed nickel instead of oil rubbed bronze so at least we can move forward with those decisions ( namely the lights ).

After hearing an earful about all this my sweet mom called and offered to come up again to help so we could get more things done. What a blessing!

What started out as a month long (ish) project is fast looking more like a 4 month long crazy ordeal. Such is the life of old-house-owning/full-time-working/children-raising people that we are.

Some day you will be beautiful sweet bathroom. Some day.

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