Bathroom counters are underrated

It’s baby steps over here in our home. As we get older things take longer. Whether it’s a project or just eating a meal, seems we should expect the unexpected.

Last night Mr Intentionalgirl said,

I have some good news and I have some bad news

when discussing progress on the bathroom. I have learned to take the bad first, which I did. Bottom line it would seem that we might have working sinks by tonight sometime. When you make your own vanity you should expect challenges along the way. Nothing has been that easy. Oh that’s not true, the granite guys came and went in 30 minutes. That was beautiful (and costly). Seems there’s a connection with expensive and easy.

As a reminder, here’s where things stood last week…


And now here’s where we are…


Big change for us. We will be able to switch from washing our hands in the bathtub to washing them in the sinks. Wow, amazing concept.

Toothpaste can go on the counter. Soap too. Guests don’t have to be given “rules” for using the restroom.

I’m needing to buckle down and get cranking on my stuff. Doors need painting and reinstalled. Drywall needed. Primer and paint. Um I guess we need to pick the paint color first. Touch ups on vanity. Doors and drawers to be reinstalled. Final grout sealer coat to go on. And at that point we are still not done – still have mirror and lighting decisions to work on. I’m still convinced we will use the huge sheet of mirror outside. Really excited about using as much existing items or used items as we can rather than newbie studs from the home improvement stores.

I love having the almost finished product in though. So amazing.

What are you working on at your home?

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