Things I’m Learning By Having A Kindergartener

So we are full throttle here with Kindergarten world. Now that I’m over the initial “hump” of just getting into the routine of things (okay, who am I kidding? I’m far from a routine but we’ll just pretend…) I am realizing that I’m learning a lot myself. It’s not just my 5-year-old who is taking in a lot of information.

  1. Worrying about the “what if” doesn’t really help anyone or anything – I was worried about her meeting friends, being bullied on the bus, getting lost, not understanding things and being afraid to ask for help and a slew of other things. In reality, her teachers are very nice and very helpful. They are, after all, kindergarten teachers and they are aware of the challenges with that age. The bus – it’s one of her favorite things – and just because she’s on the bus with students all the way up to 12th grade (though not likely since I NEVER rode the bus past 10th grade because it was very uncool – duh) the younger ones sit in the front and are in their own world chatting about whatever it is that they chat about. The bus driver runs a tight ship and even reminds them when it’s their stop. As for getting lost, she has people around always helping her and making sure she’s where she needs to be. I don’t need to worry about it – she’s in good hands!
  2. Rules are good and in place for a reason – While late to school yesterday we were hurrying down the hall to the classroom. I was inclined to chat the whole way and walk/run. No siree. Lily informed me that I needed to put my bubble in my mouth (you can do this by puffing your cheeks out and closing your mouth) and to walk single line to the classroom. Me? I was on a mission to help her get to class quickly, but again, rules are there for a reason and they are to be followed. I think I’d like to take this newfound knowledge and apply to my driving habits…and probably a million other bad habits I have!
  3. Planning ahead is not just helpful but necessary – Making lunches, packing gymnastics clothing, packing snacks and putting things in the backpack is ABSOLUTELY necessary the night before. The whole morning dance/chaos is enough by itself, let alone having me scramble to get everything ready and out the door with two dressed and fed children by 7:45AM. Connected to this is also the ability to do an inventory of the fridge for supplies for the lunches. Thanks goodness for grocery stores open 24 hours a day!
  4. I don’t have to participate in every fundraiser – As much as I want us to be that superstar family who does it all, I need to curb this desire a bit. There will always be something to do and be part of and sometimes I just need to say No and that’s okay.
  5. Things aren’t always going to work out the way I want them to and that’s okay – I had these grand illusions that I would have my whole family up and “at ’em” by 7:00 AM every day. Ha! That’s kind of hilarious just seeing myself write that down. I quickly discovered that we were all turning into grumpy grumpsters by the rush of the schedule in the mornings (catching the bus at 7:20 AM is EARLY) so I quickly decided that by driving her to school I could add an extra 30 minutes onto our morning routine. Throw in a little intentional living and you have yourself some nice quality time with your family. Now when we get to school we all sit for a moment and pray together. We get to start the day asking the Lord to bless their days, their teachers and to be near them. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day and they like it too!
  6. Homework routine is crucial  – Sometimes we break the pattern but generally when she gets home we 1) get snack and drink and 2) get going on the homework. That way the rest of the evening isn’t rushed and we can just hang out and enjoy each others’ company. Connected to homework is to try – as much as possible – to make the “work” fun and exciting where we can.

So that’s my little bits and pieces of what I’m learning by having a Kindergartener.

What are some things you are learning about from your schedule/life?

2 Comments on “Things I’m Learning By Having A Kindergartener

  1. I now have four boys. One in High school, one in J.H., one in Elementary, and one toddler at home… enjoy the simple times. Before they fight you about whether it’s cool to wear a hoodie, or does mom remember you have Jazz practice after school. Prayers help. 🙂


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