Worshipful Wedding


Our family just went to a wedding in Pittsburgh this past weekend. It was the epitome of intentional. Not only was the church beautiful (you know how much I love the “old”) but the decorations were perfect. Simple yet extravagant. Most of all it moved me to a place of worship so quickly. I marveled watching everything unfold. I knew the bride and groom spent a lot of time (which is strange since they had a very short engagement) thinking about how they wanted everything to work. The music. The songs they chose. The words shared. The communion we shared. It was all so special. It was clear that they made every detail come alive and wanted people who attended to know how much they loved each other, but mostly how much they loved the Lord. I saw that so clearly this weekend.

My favorite songs we sang were “10,000 Reasons” and “Jesus Paid It All”. YouTube these. You will not be sorry you did.

And while the photos of the actual wedding were good enough, the weekend was sweetened by wonderful fellowship with friends we haven’t seen in years. Even our children benefited from this precious time spent getting to know each other.

Enjoy some lovely photos…





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