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Monthly Archives: March 2013

That chandelier doesn’t look like anything special, does it? Feelings about that are likely to be higher once you see all the dust and gunk caked on that bad boy. Oooh. Gross. Toss it and buy a new one, right? Nope. Nothing a can of spray paint and a handy little gal can’t handle. Step one, take the light down, place on a sheet or tarp. Make sure painting is done outside… Read More

So this year I was really inspired on Pinterest to try some new DIY birthday decorations and foodie additions to one of my children’s birthday parties. It was much cheaper than other methods, looked cooler, and I think made him feel really special. Want to see exactly where my inspiration came from? Okay! Check out my Pinterest Board where you will find all the people who helped make the party come alive…. Read More

  Thanks to the internet (and quite frankly Pinterest for helping me find things on the internet) I am happy to say that “Project: Paint The Bathroom Door” was a huge success. It was difficult to allow the 5 year old to help but since she was so eager, I thought I should let her so she can learn early how do be a DIY‘er herself. Is it really ever too early… Read More

About a week ago I was at our local library and stumbled across this book while I was looking for a decent sewing book. And over the years as I have learned more about natural cleaning products I’ve always thought how easy it seemed. Now I know it’s easy as I have dabbled lightly in it. And then I just decided to read more about the chemicals and what VOCs are and… Read More

So our family is planning a trip out west this summer. So to prepare our 4 and almost-6-year-old for their hiking adventures we have been looking for opportunities to get their feet wet, so to speak. Since we live very close to Valley Forge National Park we decided to take them for a hike up Mt. Misery (not a real mountain by my husband’s standards just so you know!) and had ourselves… Read More