Hiking Practice

Hiking Practice

So our family is planning a trip out west this summer. So to prepare our 4 and almost-6-year-old for their hiking adventures we have been looking for opportunities to get their feet wet, so to speak. Since we live very close to Valley Forge National Park we decided to take them for a hike up Mt. Misery (not a real mountain by my husband’s standards just so you know!) and had ourselves a great time. The weather was mild – low 40’s (which is good for February) and the fog lifted soon after we started our trek.

Great family Saturday getting some much-needed exercise!

vf park 5 vf park vf park 7 vf park 4


2 Comments on “Hiking Practice

    • Chris, thank you for reminding us about that place. Craig and I went there a few years ago (solo) but haven’t talked about taking the kiddos. I, too, want junior hikers some day so we will follow your steps for sure! Thanks for sharing friend!


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