The wonder of spray paint



I am amazed with spray paint lately. It takes a drab item and transforms it into something amazing. This end table for instance. It is cool buy had chipped away in areas where the veneer had weakened. It looked tired. I had wanted to refinish to the original wood but quickly realized that would never happen.

Sanded it down first…


…and then took out my can of Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint and here we are.


Here’s the finished product. I’m just personally proud of having finished a project. Last minute decision to distress the edges. In case you’re interested I used 220 grit Norton sandpaper.

This will go in my daughter’s room next to her bed

3 Comments on “The wonder of spray paint

    • Well I’m a step in the right direction Darla. This piece of furniture came out of the 3rd floor room. Baby steps. And yes to coffee, yes to ice cream…lets schedule that soon!


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