Vacations are awesome

The family

Sweet Lily

Jumping Steph Ben


Jumping Craig Steph

Craig and Steph

In case you were wondering where I’d gone, we are traveling. Leading up to this 2-ish week vacation out west I was busy getting ready and all that pre-vacation nonsense that happens. School finished, work was crazy, but we are here and LOVING IT.

Here are a few lovely photos for you since photos are better than words sometimes.

Talk about intentional living. Yes we are spending money. But yes we are building memories, spending time as a family, enjoying God’s beautiful creation, turning off the TV, mostly turning off the phone (this part is hard for me) and just soaking it all in.

In case you are interested, we started in Phoenix, AZ and drove up to Sedona for a night, then Grand Canyon and now we are in Zion National Park for a few days. Next on the stop is Bryce Canyon, then Arches, and last we will end our time in Estes Park, Colorado.



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