Our dining room table


Well after a solid 6 months of hard work my handy husband has done it again…he has built us a few new piece of furnutire. This time a custom-made farm table. I say “farm” table but who’s to really say if it’s a farm table or just a regular table. All I know is that my husband took planks of walnut from an attic in Virginia and transformed it into an absolutely beautiful table for our family.

Often when asked how he does these masterpieces he will respond much like Sherlock Holmes…you know, that simple answer that drives you crazy. But instead of replying,

Simply elementary


he exclaims, “it’s just basic geometry.”

For him perhaps, but for the rest of us there’s fortunately help out there. Try Ana White‘s website. She provides plans for pretty much any DIY furniture-making project you could think of. Other DIYers also post their photos and plans that are a great resource. Mr. IG (Intentional Girl) did consult some of these throughout the planning stages to give him ideas for the legs and what type of wood worked best.

Without further ado, here she is…

Raw wood…


After wiping with a tung oil…


After a coat of a polyurethane blend…



Upsidedown to attach legs…


Kids enjoying a meal on the new table…


Here it is without chairs since its easier to see this way…and because I have a special project planned for my chairs so I don’t waste perfectly good chairs (Frugal Girl, I’ve been listening!). Stay tuned for that project soon…





P.S. this look of distressing the legs (above) was more difficult than orginally thought. He ended up needing to add stain to the areas he distrssed to help the edges pop a little more…


He let the stain sit for a little while and then wiped off with a cloth.

6 Comments on “Our dining room table

  1. The table turned out great! Kind of off topic, but I also love the rug beneath it! Reminds me of one I’ve seen in Pottery Barn 🙂 Awesome job on the woodworking!


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