Another furniture masterpiece: apothecary console

My husband was kind enough to build a piece of furniture with the sole purpose of hiding my ginormous printer. See how large and in charge it is…

20130529_155234And it all started with an innocent trip to Home Depot. Our 4 and 6 year olds were happy to help pick out the wood.


The walnut (below) for the top was carefully and meticulously created. As you may recall from the farm table post before, this wood came from my grandfather’s attic in Virginia. It probably should be my husband writing about this process because I am sure to botch up how he did this but since I’m the blogger, you are stuck with me. I only watched in awe as he labored on this for weeks. You need wood, wood glue, clamps and sand paper. To get the really fine smooth feeling he used 400 grit of the wet/dry sandpaper on the final coat. I also think he used an antique oil finish which is an oil/varnish blend. It really turned out marvelously. The bottom sections are plywood and solid wood (see above) that was painted and then distressed with sandpaper. When necessary a dark stain was used on the exposed wood underneath to make the contract more distinct. The doors are solid pine.

CYMERA_20131023_194630The faux drawer look was made using thin pieces of plywood that were cut, sanded and glued t0 the front of the doors. The way he configured them when it’s all closed it looks like individual doors.

CYMERA_20131031_113026And here is the man of the hour. My hero and the love of my life. Gushy, I know, but it’s true. And just in case you didn’t know he is Duck Tape Man as his shirt indicates.

CYMERA_20131101_210134In case you’ve never used clamps before, this is how it works. 🙂


And here is is mostly finished!


CYMERA_20131104_142758And if this isn’t enough to get you started, because obviously you will WANT to make one of these now, you can go on over to Ana White‘s website at and check our her plans and photos from others who have created similar projects.

Happy furniture making, y’all!

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