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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I like sending thank you cards. I know,  yawn. But in an effort to be intentional and let people know that I’m appreciative, I’m on a mission to make this a priority this year. It doesn’t even have to be fancy. You can take a piece of card stock and cut it in half, write thanks on the front and then proceed with your note. Forget about… Read More

Well, we did it. Last week we purchased a $300 blender. But not just any ordinary blender. We purchased a Vitamix blender machine. The reviews from friends and online pretty much confirmed our decision to go with this brand. But more importantly, why,  right? Well, we really want to eat healthier using fresh and non-processed food. This bad boy can do so much (or will when it arrives in the mail)… Like… Read More