How to go “Green” and still be normal


How in the world do you go green without turning into a hippie? How do you transition into using products that are healthier and safer without turning into a crunchy tree-hugging person?

I’ve posted about my desire to go “green” before but I wanted to share an update about some little things we are doing to change things up in our family.

We tried in the past and failed. I wanted to do the cloth diaper thing but we couldn’t get it together. I have tried other natural things in the past and burned out before I could get into a routine.

It’s important to tell you the secret to this. It takes time. Little by little. NOT am overnight adventure.


First I still reference this great book called Green Up Your Cleanup. She includes tons of ideas and recipes about how to make your own detergents and cleaners. Using natural cleaners like vinegar amd baking soda are what make up a lot of her book.


One thing I’ve removed from our home entirely is bleach. We do not use it at all. Everything I’ve read about this chemical has left me with the conclusion that we can clean and disinfect with other things. And we do. Essential oils can actually help with that task. Getting white clothes clean? We use washing soda, Borax or a similar oxygen based product like Oxy Clean or Charlie’s Soap. Works great.


Another thing I’ve done is I’ve tried to use towels and rags instead of paper towels. Waste from paper towels is mostly unnecessary when I use a towel and wash it. I still buy paper towels but am making a conscious effort to use them sparingly. It saves us money too! I purchased both of these for $2.00 at the Dollar Tree.

I bought castile soap and I use it as shampoo, hand soap and add to cleaning solutions.


I am experimenting with my own homemade “shampoo”. Technically it’s called no-poo because it doesn’t have the harsh detergents in them. For a conditioner I’ve toyed around with coconut oil and a cider vinegar and essential oil/water mix. Still working out the details but so far so good.



I also keep a container of baking soda in the bathroom and have used to scour the shower/tub. Works wonderfully and super cheap and no smell!

I’m trying to avoid using plastic bags and disposable containers. Instead I use these…


So, we’re fumbling along but I like to do what we can to be natural and kind to our earth.

You, too, can go green without changing your personality.

Once I work out my hair care regimen I plan to write something about that too.

Leave me a comment. How do you go green? I want to hear ideas!

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