How we celebrate life

Right now I’m pausing to tell you how I’ve spent the week celebrating the gift of my now 5 year old.

Have I told you what a joy he is? He really is. We love him so and got to have a fun week with him.

Monday was St Patrick’s Day and his teacher at preschool is from Ireland (and did you know that I really adore Ireland so that makes her extra special!)… so Ben and another friend got to be the king and queen of the “paddies”. Highlight was the crown he got the wear and standing on a table. We also shared cupcakes on this day too.


Tuesday, a playdate with a friend and dinner at Chick-Fil-A. Fast forward to his birthday on Wednesday. Leader and share person at school, playdate with another friend, Pioneer Club (think Boy Scouts with a Christian theme) and yet more cupcakes and then opening presents from mom and dad.


Now today I’m decorating for the big party on Saturday. We are having it at our church so the kids have plenty of room to run around.


Listening to great music on Pandora…


Using my free batman-themed printables from Pinterest…


…some boxes a friend gave me recently. ..


Really want it to be special without spending a ton. He’s worth it. I love celebrating life!


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