Bathroom Vanity Mirrors: Rehabbed Windows


Well, we are back at it again with our bathroom. After a very long hiatus we are finally moving forward with the finishing touches. We found these amazing windows at a salvage barn near us. The funny thing is that the business is primarily a glass business but in the process he collects a lot of old things and resells to the public.


So we were there one day looking for something else and told Jim about our project in our bathroom. He says to me,

What about these old windows that were taken out of a church that are up in the attic? Let’s go take a look at them because I think they would be perfect for what you described!

And sure enough. Perfect!

We took the windows over a year ago {ahem, slackers here} with the intention of cleaning them up – sanding, cleaning, sealing. Well after a long pause we FINALLY delivered them to my buddy Jim. He called today and said they were done.

Not only did we recycle something from days long ago (my fave!) but we also got a pretty good deal too. $60 each which included him removing the old glass and cutting mirror (remember the top portion is rounded so it’s not something we could easily do) and finishing up the back so it’s covered and ready with wire for hanging.

What do you think?


Next on the list is paint for the walls and  painting the medicine cabinet over the toilet black. Oh and yes we will hang the mirrors too. I was just too excited and had to see them in the room asap!

Hope to be back soon to show you our progress!



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