My Life: Home Renovations, School Decisions and Church Changes


I am always amazed at how time flies. Like fast. Real fast. All the time.

This has been a particularly busy summer for us. The Outer Banks for a week. Georgia for a big family reunion. The lake house with family. Lots of travels.




And here we are. It’s back to school time. We’ve wandered into the amazing and daunting world of homeschooling this year. Yes, your eyes aren’t failing you. Yes, this was another intentional decision by our family. It’s been in the works since January when our 1st grader started coming home complaining about school and using words like “boring” and “hate” to describe her day.

After many months of asking friends who homeschool about this world, stalking other bloggers on the topic, praying and asking the Lord for direction on this topic…we landed at trying this for at least a year. My job allows me the flexibility to do this (yes even with Real Estate!) and we’re forging forward determined to have a great year. Little brother started kindergarten at our local public charter school and while we miss him we are acclamating to our schedule so it’s helpful to only have 1 child at home right now. We are participating in a wonderful co-op on Tuesdays and Thursdays which I’m also excited about.

First day of kindergarten…


So why, right? Well, our Lily is sweet and smart, albeit slightly distractable in social settings, and it’s a shame for her not to like learning. We want her to thrive, not just muddle through eyes rolled in the back of her head. As of this very moment, it’s just for a year. But who knows. Maybe it’s gonna last longer.

And as a result, we have room changes. Ben moves to a new room so his can be the office/homeschool room. His new room lacked some things like a heat source (important in PA?) so we are in the midst of changes.


And since the carpet was dirty and ugly…well, we ripped it out.


Soon to be homeschool room…


And since we clearly don’t have enough projects my wonderful and ever-so-talented husband is making Benjamin a new loft bed.


(It was assembled outside just to make sure it all fit – this is not going to be a tree house though a very cool idea!)


Here I am. The professional painter getting to work.

And lastly, as if we didn’t have enough change, our church closed in the spring and as of tonight we are members of a new church, which we love (if you are interested here’s info about it – We are so loving the fellowship with this new body of folks and the joy it has brought to our family. {Psst…they sing songs like this from our new favorite group, Rend Collective}.

Thanks for reading. Happy Labor Day weekend y’all!

One Comment on “My Life: Home Renovations, School Decisions and Church Changes

  1. Oh my, I think I’m seeing our favorite bus driver in one of the pictures! Is he really outgoing and makes sure he greets everyone, even if he has to honk and yell out of the window?! We loved this guy who drove my daughter to Kindergarten four years ago and always made sure he honked the following years when he saw her and shouted her name out of the window. I miss him. / Good luck with home schooling!


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