The Town We Love

Big leaf

I have a love for my town. We live on the east coast in a little steel town in southeastern PA. We love it here. My husband and I chose this town way back in 2002 because it was cheap. That was pretty much the criteria. And now 14 years later (gulp!) it’s the town we LOVE.
We love it so much that if we ever think about moving, we think about how we could somehow muster up most of our wish list into a house in our town. Our town has sidewalks. We walk everywhere. Living in what this area calls the “borough” means that we can pretty much walk anywhere we need and not use our car. The grocery store (it’s far but feasible). Restaurants. The bank. Small boutiques. The park. The library. The hospital. Dunkin Donuts (come on, it’s fun to be so close!). Coffee shops. Bike trails.

Recently we took a walk – which was my husband’s smart idea – down to an area our town is renovating. Turns out there’s a path down there now. The kids took their bikes and binoculars and we had a really nice time as a family just getting outside.

bird watching Craig and Steph BW French Creek IMG_8701 IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8777 Leaves Lily and Ben my love

We need to do this more. Enjoy the beauty around us. What a reminder to me (since, if I’m honest, I wanted to stay home and get some projects done) to spend intentional  time with my sweet family. They will remember these moments (hopefully…) for the rest of their lives. And so will I. 
Pville French Creek

I have a slew of other posts planned as I try to make my comeback to this much-neglected blog of mine. Stay tuned…

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