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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Newcomb Creations was born out of our own creations for our own family. That overflowed into gifts for others which then led to us posting on social media which then….yep, you guessed it, led to others wanting similar items. We have been dabbling for years in creative efforts. And let’s be clear. When I saw “we”, I really usually mean Craig. He is heart, soul and brains behind our operation. A bed…. Read More

Hiya! My name is Steph and I’ve been on a slow train to crunchy for about 12 years. Or so says my husband who thinks I’ve been on this train much longer. I have no memory of what started my trip to crunchy-land but I’m glad I’m here because I’m loving it. I am the perfect blend of weird and normal (or so I think). I started cutting out things because I… Read More