How To Go “Au Naturel” And Not Lose Your Mind

Hiya! My name is Steph and I’ve been on a slow train to crunchy for about 12 years. Or so says my husband who thinks I’ve been on this train much longer.

I have no memory of what started my trip to crunchy-land but I’m glad I’m here because I’m loving it. I am the perfect blend of weird and normal (or so I think).

I started cutting out things because I would read an article about something and then that would lead me down the rabbit hole reading more about it and then I’m left with this overwhelming feeling that I could not go back. But I can’t really go forward 100% because of money or time or whatever. Small changes. Over time we made small changes to how we do things. Things we purchased or stopped purchasing.

Are you ready? Because this is the epitome of intentional right here…

  1. Deodorant-only deodorant. No aluminum. Crunchy Betty makes a fabulous kokomo cream deodorant that I love and she includes her recipe so you can recreate – but who has time for that?
  2. Coconut oil as a moisturizer and cooking oil.
  3. Dryer Balls en lieu of dryer sheets from my girl Lindsey at Morris Street.
  4. No bleach in cleaning (ever). Not even clothing. Tea tree oil cleansers have replaced this.
  5. Cleaning with Baking Soda – this has been a hit-and-miss product for me
  6. Vinegar for cleaning. See #5 above but still on my “strive” list
  7. African Black Soap for facial cleansing
  8. Scent free laundry detergent. We use Melaleuca or Honest Company items.
  9. Hand soaps using Castile soap and water combo or Method brand
  10. Raw honey en lieu of traditional honey
  11. Elderberry syrup for immune boosting powers from yet again, Morris Street
  12. Cleanish eating. I no longer buy Goldfish at the store. Fruit has replaced that. As little processed food as I can muster. Meat and fruit and veggies.
  13. Eggs with sausage or bacon most mornings
  14. Synthetic scents have been replaced with essential oils by Doterra.


So if this is you. Start slow. Start with one change. Do it with intention and not just because it’s a fad. Read about it. Research it. Find out if it makes sense. And then make another change. Slow and steady wins the race every time.

And now…. I think I’m ready to take the crazy train to working on products to improve our gut and such. I know, I know. Gross. But seriously…I want to strive to taking better care of our bodies and our homes.

So that’s us in a nushell. A very crazy nutshell that is desiring to be even more off the grid and untraditional than we are.

How are you cutting out the synthetic or getting back to more natural products. I’d love to hear. Let’s share!!!

4 Comments on “How To Go “Au Naturel” And Not Lose Your Mind

  1. Hey! I was actually thinking of you this morning, as in, “I need to hear more from this gal,” and here you are in my inbox today. Slow train to crunchy…I’m right there with you on almost all of these items. I have to share my latest obsession: goat’s milk cream and soap from friendly goats in Maryland. I met up with Linda and her family at a recent home show (another one of my obsessions), and I’m really loving what it does to my skin, especially during February. Brrr and itch itch itch. Check out the ingredients and let me know what you think. I’m partial to the Cranberry, Lavender, and Milk and Honey scents. (p.s. I might be working on a blog giveaway in the near future to introduce this stuff to my friends.)

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    • Hi there! We are overdue for a get together, for sure! I will definitely check them out becausex crunchy people stick together and tell each other about their crunch. Or something like that, right? My skin is so sensitive so I’ll definitely need to check it out…


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