When a business is born


Newcomb Creations was born out of our own creations for our own family. That overflowed into gifts for others which then led to us posting on social media which then….yep, you guessed it, led to others wanting similar items. We have been dabbling for years in creative efforts. And let’s be clear. When I saw “we”, I really usually mean Craig. He is heart, soul and brains behind our operation.

A bed. A dresser. A coffee table. A farmhouse table. An apothecary console table. Pallet artwork. Coasters. Wood-burned ornaments and coasters. Jewelry.

And to be be honest, we aren’t quite sure where to go from here. Etsy….Shopify….our own website. We would love to have a venue for folks to purchase our items with ease, but what should that look like? How do we do that? How much does that cost?

As you can CLEARLY see, we have figured out a lot about this creative/artisan/DIY biz we’ve got going. Psyche.

But we do have a logo. So there’s that.

I’m honestly amazed. There are so many talented and creative people around me, I could just cry. Or maybe laugh. No…jump for joy? Okay, you get my drift. We moved from a fabulously talented street last year. On our street alone we have my husband who can pretty much do anything from furniture building to kitchen rehab. My friend Jessie has the most beautiful home and now has started doing hand-lettering, calligraphy and watercolor awesomeness. You can find her items at MineralLettering on Etsy. Then we have the talented Leslie who is across the street from our old house who makes lots of amazing things that are more from the healthy and wellness side of things. All-natural teething necklaces (can you say BRILLIANT?) as well as oil blends such as Golden Oil. Last year I came down with shingles (yes, I know that’s for old people and no, I don’t consider myself old) and I used her Golden Oil and a few other products and swear up and down it helped more than I realize even now. I somehow avoided using the numbing patches the docs gave me because her oils helped soothe the pain. Check out her biz at Ten Air Studios. Also on our street is the lady who created this amazing logo, our old next door neighbor, the fabulous Kathryn Titgen. Her day job pays the bills, but her side biz of Creative Love Design is where she creates beauty – logos, wedding themes, hand-lettered print art and much more.

Ya’ll this is JUST on our old 1st Avenue. Totally in the water I’m sure. And there are probably others lurking behind closed doors that I don’t even know about.

So, three cheers to Kathryn for her amazing design for our new adventure of Newcomb Creations. Here are a few of our creations as of lately just to give you a sense of what we have going on.






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