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It’s officially Christmas time here (if you didn’t know that, then cue the Christmas music playlist on Spotify and start drinking egg nog…or peppermint hot chocolate..or both) and here in our home we like Christmas. We do decorations. We do a fresh wreath on the front door. We do nativities. We do sparkles. We do natural (I am really into using branches or “sticks” as my man calls them!}. We do gifts…. Read More

So, this Christmas I’m gonna give it a try. Make…most….gifts…. I know, I know. Crazy, right? Well, someone has to be crazy so it might as well be me! The above photo is going to hold some of our Christmas cards this year. Hooray! I used a wooden round box top, corks and a glue gun. That’s it. Like really. Super easy. I even have extra corks and plan to do some… Read More

Well hello there! It’s nice to see you again too. Yes, I seem to be the queen of sporadic lately and I apologize. I am still learning how to budget my time and get everything done that must get done. This blog is CLEARLY lacking priority and as much as I am disappointed about that, it’s really okay. Just like you, I am learning I only have so many hours in my… Read More

I stumbled upon this photo from this past year and I just wanted to share it because it’s probably one of my favorite “moments” from 2011. As the story goes, the kids were up in Lily’s room (3rd floor) and I was in the room putting away clothes. I agreed to open the finger paints (all washable, mind you) and they were so cute with their dainty finger painting that I dashed… Read More