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I now know why some toilet seats are more expensive than others. There is a difference in quality. Today I purchased a $25 toilet seat that’s a little fancier and sturdier than the previous one. I’m super excited about it. I’m also excited that I installed myself. Check it out…peeing in style over here! Out with the old…

This just in…hardworking male is laying tile for his lovely wife’s beloved bathroom renovation. Said husband has been working all day, non-stop, so that they can have plumber put toilet back into their only bathroom. Their children can be heard around their neighborhood complaining about how they dislike peeing in the “basement toilet”. Hardworking male continues to remind said children they should be happy to have a basement toilet. The alternative is… Read More

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I agree with that. I apologize for neglecting this blog. Life has been rather busy. But I was thinking recently about how much I love my kitchen and it caused me to pause and think about how MUCH I disliked my previous kitchen. So, I am providing a before and after. At some point I will give you the details of how… Read More

This is one of those situations where I followed my own advice and acquired with intention (rare these days…you’ll see soon enough what I mean by that – I dumpster dove some chairs and now I have to give them away – yes, I’m retarded!). Anyhoo, here we have a Freecycled (you don’t know about this? Oh man, check it out here!) child’s school desk. Funny enough it was my old next… Read More

We have an old home. In 2008, with a 6 month on the prowl, we bravely embarked on an 8 month-long kitchen overhaul. It was painful. It was challenging. It was soooo worth it. Not only did we save gobs of money but we also got to do things the way we wanted to. One of the things we discovered in our old home renovation was that one of the kitchen walls… Read More

Here is the post from the other day highlighting my husband’s awesomeness and how he was making me a cabinet/storage unit for my work printer. I said it then and let me say it again, HE IS SO WONDERFUL. Okay, here’s the post:¬†Reclaimed Wood Project. This was an effort in creating intentional space for our dinning room as well as making it look nicer. Here’s the before…and then we clarify that this… Read More

Partly because Lily was wired and partly because I was curious about my little idea, she and I embarked on an interesting adventure this afternoon. I got it in my brain that it would be a great idea to take some heart-shaped molds, melt our already broken (by Ben…sorry to throw him under the bus but facts are facts) crayons and make new crayons for Lily and Ben to give away as… Read More

So this is a story about a renovation next door to me. This home was unoccupied for years¬†and finally someone came along, got it on the cheap, renovated it (beautifully I might add) and sold it for a profit. It’s always nice as a nearby homeowner to have eyesores like this transformed. So, over the months that the contractors/owners were at the home we were friendly with each other. Somehow in one… Read More