intentional girl


Today was a fun day. It was about 65 degrees (and let me remind everyone that the date is indeed February 1st) and I just HAD to take advantage of the warm weather. So, once everyone was nestled in their bed I headed outside to finish the hardware spray paint job for the soon-to-be bathroom vanity. ¬†And yes, this renovation is taking a while. In the spirit of being intentional about our… Read More

This little project inspired me to start saving our family money and, oh yes I will use the word, intentionally attempting to mend clothing that needs attention. My normal practice was to take it to this very lovely lady in town but I would pay a pretty penny for her alterations. Other than bridesmaid dress (dare I say I will be in a wedding again one day…it could happen I suppose!) alterations,… Read More

This is my first attempt at a post from my phone. I want to share that I intentionally took my husband to Aldi today so he can see for himself the way we can save money. I purchased this lot of groceries (plus a gallon of 2% milk already in fridge) for $17.53. The kiddos already consumed a quarter of the mandarin oranges, thus the empty container. So the list includes: 1… Read More