intentional girl


Oh hey. It’s me again. Intentionalgirl. You know, about 6 months later. Sheesh. You’d think I’d get my act together with this blog but that thing called life gets in the way. But, I have the app on my phone now so watch out, y’all. Okay. Where do I start? Well I will start with now. We are in the midst of our summer of traveling. And guess, what? I LOVE it!… Read More

So our family is planning a trip out west this summer. So to prepare our 4 and almost-6-year-old for their hiking adventures we have been looking for opportunities to get their feet wet, so to speak. Since we live very close to Valley Forge National Park we decided to take them for a hike up Mt. Misery (not a real mountain by my husband’s standards just so you know!) and had ourselves… Read More