intentional girl


It is not¬†unusual for there to be dancing and silliness in our home. A new favorite song is Modest Mouse’s “Float On” , or as Lily calls it, “All Right. All Ready.” We pull the song/video up on You ¬†Tube, play and let the fun begin. Below are a few recent shots of the Lily-meister cuttin’ a serious rug to the tune…and of course hamming it up in front of the camera… Read More

I stumbled upon this photo from this past year and I just wanted to share it because it’s probably one of my favorite “moments” from 2011. As the story goes, the kids were up in Lily’s room (3rd floor) and I was in the room putting away clothes. I agreed to open the finger paints (all washable, mind you) and they were so cute with their dainty finger painting that I dashed… Read More