intentional girl


Here is the post from the other day highlighting my husband’s awesomeness and how he was making me a cabinet/storage unit for my work printer. I said it then and let me say it again, HE IS SO WONDERFUL. Okay, here’s the post:¬†Reclaimed Wood Project. This was an effort in creating intentional space for our dinning room as well as making it look nicer. Here’s the before…and then we clarify that this… Read More

So this is a story about a renovation next door to me. This home was unoccupied for years¬†and finally someone came along, got it on the cheap, renovated it (beautifully I might add) and sold it for a profit. It’s always nice as a nearby homeowner to have eyesores like this transformed. So, over the months that the contractors/owners were at the home we were friendly with each other. Somehow in one… Read More