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Well I’d love to write a long blurb about the bathroom and all the crazy things we’ve done but I simply do not have te time. BUT, I’m so excited about the progress we have made I have to share with you. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I’ll leave you with photos. Things left are: making the drawers, picking paint color and painting (along with prep work), choose light… Read More

I now know why some toilet seats are more expensive than others. There is a difference in quality. Today I purchased a $25 toilet seat that’s a little fancier and sturdier than the previous one. I’m super excited about it. I’m also excited that I installed myself. Check it out…peeing in style over here! Out with the old…

This just in…hardworking male is laying tile for his lovely wife’s beloved bathroom renovation. Said husband has been working all day, non-stop, so that they can have plumber put toilet back into their only bathroom. Their children can be heard around their neighborhood complaining about how they dislike peeing in the “basement toilet”. Hardworking male continues to remind said children they should be happy to have a basement toilet. The alternative is… Read More