intentional girl


I’ve decided to take up the daunting skill of sewing. My first project is a “botanical tiara” for my 5-yr-olds upcoming princess ball. Found a book with some simple gift ideas to sew and one is this really elegant floral tiara. The instructions called for ultra suede (fabric store didn’t have it and could not help me figure out an alternative). I decided on felt. I am happy to report success for… Read More

This little project inspired me to start saving our family money and, oh yes I will use the word, intentionally attempting to mend clothing that needs attention. My normal practice was to take it to this very lovely lady in town but I would pay a pretty penny for her alterations. Other than bridesmaid dress (dare I say I will be in a wedding again one day…it could happen I suppose!) alterations,… Read More

A Rainy Snuggler. The above post is just too cute not to share. This gal (Annie) sewed her own snuggler using a pattern she found in a sewing book. Love it. Now I’m even MORE inspired to get my sewing machine out (uh, not because I NEED one; just for gifts, promise!).