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Well, we did it. Last week we purchased a $300 blender. But not just any ordinary blender. We purchased a Vitamix blender machine. The reviews from friends and online pretty much confirmed our decision to go with this brand. But more importantly, why,  right? Well, we really want to eat healthier using fresh and non-processed food. This bad boy can do so much (or will when it arrives in the mail)… Like… Read More

We’re making some eating habit changes in our home. One of the things I have added to our stash is fresh spinach. Leave it to Lily to eagerly take a few leaves and try them out raw. That’s my girl! I am going to be looking for creative ways to add this nutritional food to our menu. Send any ideas my way…would love your suggestions.

Years ago we visited friends who made these delicious, albeit strange looking, smoothie shakes. After having one for breakfast (and that was the only thing we had, mind you) we were hooked. Our friends informed us that they do a lot of raw cooking (which we do not) and that the health benefits of consuming uncooked fruits and vegetables is tremendous. We left our weekend with them with the recipe and inspiration… Read More