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Hi, I’m Steph. I’m a spunky short ginger living in Pennsylvania with my amazingly-talented-everything-he-touches-turns-to-gold husband and 2 fun kiddos. We are just crazy enough to live loud, outside-the-box lives. In no particular order you might find us bird-watching, home educating, showing houses to clients (my job), rehabbing furniture, building pallet art, building furniture, doing gymnastics, running, crafting in our amazing “this old house”, gardening, being with some amazing people from Iron Works Church and drinking a glass of wine (or two). Through it all we want Christ to shine through us in all the broken places as we go about our days.

Married way back in 2004 (which means we are older than we look – or uh, maybe younger), we had about 4 years sans kids. In that time I switched careers twice, my husband acquired 2 degrees and we bought a house. I left the big career-chasing world to stay home with my darlings and simultaneously obtained my real estate license. Fast forward 6 years and I found myself, once again, doing something that I thought was weird. Homeschooling. This was not part of the plan and most assuredly a surprise.

Somewhere along the journey we have realized that all good things happen with intention. Not your typical “oh, I just accidentally happened to do something and it turned out to be the best decision ever”. Sometimes that happens but I find it’s usually not the norm. We believe the well-lived life happens with purpose, a ton of prayer and a lot of intentional day-by-day decisions. 

I am beyond grateful for so many other bloggers, writers, authors of books and Instagrammers (did I spell that right?) who have paved the way to this thought-shifting for us. Intentional Girl spawned because if there is one person out there I can share what we do with and it helps them, then this was worth it. We need each other. We need to share what works well, why we do what we do, and how we can help each other during the seasons of change and heartache. 

This is like our prayer offered up in response to all we’ve been given. Like a fragrant offering to the One who has shaped and molded us into the people we are living the lives He’s given us.

May you find encouragement and peace here as you read little snippets of our lives. And please drop me a line. I’m the most extroverted person I know (okay that’s a lie) and I welcome dialogue!
Cheers y’all…

3 Comments on “About Me

  1. Steph, can I follow you on facebook with your blog or only by email…this is fantastic…


    • Hi Kim! I think with Facebook I don’t think you can subscribe. Whenever I post something new I have it go automatically to Facebook, however if you aren’t on there for a while you’d miss it. If you subscribe then you’ll get an email from me every time I post something new. Hope that helps! Looking for new peeps subscribing to my blog. It’s a lot of fun but I’m still getting used to it.


  2. Steph –
    Hello stranger – If you have not yet found it, you may like this blog: http://sewliberated.typepad.com/sew_liberated. Meg does a line of patterns for children and her photos and blog are inspiring . As an fyi, I am still in banking – 1N is merging with a larger bank this Feb. and I will be transferred to the Main branch on N. High. A new chapter for me. Take Care, Nancy


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