Winter Wonderland

Well hello there. Thought I would pop in and say hello about a year and change later. We have been busy as you can imagine and since I’m a terrible blogger (I mean, the worst) I thought I should pop in and say exactly that.

Most notably our area in Pennsylvania was hit with a snowstorm the other week so everyone hunkered down over here and started knitting. You might even say we are knitting fools now. But then naturally I got to try out my 4WD car and closed on a house just shortly after said storm. So that’s kinda fun and kinda awful. But the snow is beautiful so we will just say that it has actually been the catalyst to Christmas decorating and Advent music. So excited!

I have all sorts of ideas for future posts and have many things to say. But those are for another day. Cheers friends and happy Thanksgiving!

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