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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Well, we are back at it again with our bathroom. After a very long hiatus we are finally moving forward with the finishing touches. We found these amazing windows at a salvage barn near us. The funny thing is that the business is primarily a glass business but in the process he collects a lot of old things and resells to the public. So we were there one day looking for something… Read More

Right now I’m pausing to tell you how I’ve spent the week celebrating the gift of my now 5 year old. Have I told you what a joy he is? He really is. We love him so and got to have a fun week with him. Monday was St Patrick’s Day and his teacher at preschool is from Ireland (and did you know that I really adore Ireland so that makes her… Read More

How in the world do you go green without turning into a hippie? How do you transition into using products that are healthier and safer without turning into a crunchy tree-hugging person? I’ve posted about my desire to go “green” before but I wanted to share an update about some little things we are doing to change things up in our family. We tried in the past and failed. I wanted to… Read More