intentional girl


There are few things in this life that surprise me. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. Maybe it’s that I rarely admit that I’m surprised. Maybe that’s it. But one thing that has taken me by surprise as of lately is homeschooling. I’m at the point in my journey (a serious veteran of 3 whole months – woot, woot!) here where I am turning a corner. A good corner. I’m completely floored… Read More

Our family just went to a wedding in Pittsburgh this past weekend. It was the epitome of intentional. Not only was the church beautiful (you know how much I love the “old”) but the decorations were perfect. Simple yet extravagant. Most of all it moved me to a place of worship so quickly. I marveled watching everything unfold. I knew the bride and groom spent a lot of time (which is strange… Read More